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The Christians: An Illustrated History

The Christians: An Illustrated History

by Tim Dowley
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The Christians: An Illustrated History

Tim Dowley

“Sometime around the year AD 36, some uneducated peasants in Jerusalem, in the Roman frontier province of Judea, started shouting from the contemporary equivalent of soapboxes that their erstwhile leader, a former carpenter from the north named Jesus, who had recently been savagely executed — nailed to a wooden cross — had returned from the dead…”

“Beginning with the extraordinary confidence of this tiny group of Jews that their leader was alive again, over the following centuries their faith spread far and wide and developed increasingly clearly-defined belief systems and patterns of worship, a distinctive set of morals, and a collection of sacred writings.” (Tim Dowley)

The story of the growth of the Christian church from Jewish sect to worldwide faith is an intriguing one, yet to many can seem overwhelmingly complex and confusing. In The Christians, Tim Dowley offers those interested in learning more about this subject a clear and accessible guide to the development of Christianity from the time of Jesus to the present day. Chronologically organised and international in scope, the book covers themes such as: 

  • defining the faith
  • the making of the New Testament
  • Rome and the Papacy
  • monks and monasteries
  • the Eastern Church
  • reformation
  • Islam and the Crusades
  • faith and reason
  • mission
  • ecumenism

It also spotlights key figures such as the apostle Paul, Origen, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Francis of Assisi, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ignatius Loyola, John Wesley, Francis Xavier, Pius IX, William Carey, John XXIII and Billy Graham. But Dowley offers the reader more than just a history lesson; by adopting a topical approach to the story, he also enables the reader to engage with issues that continue to influence the church and society today. Beautifully illustrated with full-colour art, photographs, maps, and boxed material, The Christians offers a concise and stimulating introduction to the history of Christianity and its key figures.


ISBN: 978-1414391311

Pages: 176

Publisher: Lion Books

Size: 300mm x 240mm

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