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Straight Talk to Men

Straight Talk to Men

by Dr James Dobson
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Straight Talk to Men: Timeless Principles for Leading Your Family

James Dobson

God’s job description for men! In this classic work on the biblical roles and responsibilities of a man, Dr. James Dobson shares timeless wisdom you can use as a husband and father. A deeper understanding of God’s perspective on manhood will help you provide stability and leadership in your home?and ultimately enjoy these benefits of a family that pleases God:

  • A God-given sense of your purpose in the home
  • A clear understanding of masculinity in today’s world
  • A wife who feels supported and loved
  • Children who know God and feel good about themselves
  • A solid system of family finances
  • Meaningful times of togetherness and mutual encouragement

Straight Talk to Men is a clear-headed, trustworthy resource that belongs on every man’s bookshelf. (This new edition is part of Dr. James Dobson’s Building A Family Legacy initiative.)


ISBN: 978-1414391311

Pages: 240

Publisher: Tyndale Momentum

Size: 215mm x 140mm

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