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Story Keepers of The Bible - Sink or Swim (DVD)

Story Keepers of The Bible - Sink or Swim (DVD)

by Africa Publishing Company Book Store
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The Story Keepers of the Bible is an animated Christian DVD series. It tells the story of a Christian leader and his family's adventures living in Rome during the first century. The series consists of thirteen episodes.

"Rome, 64 AD. The Emperor Nero has unleashed his fury against the Christians. Their crime: Proclaiming a King higher than Caesar. Setting fire to the city, Nero places the blame on the Christians, and launches a new campaign to wipe them out. Families are separated, children left homeless, as thousands are sold into slavery or thrown to the lions. Escaping the panic of the fire, and dodging the advancing soldiers, a group of children find shelter in the gentle care of Ben and Helena; a local baker, and his wife.

Here the children discover an amazing secret network of daring men and women, who risk their lives to help one another, and to tell the stories of the great storyteller, the one called Jesus. And so awaiting the day when their parents will return, Anna, Cyrus, Justin, and Marcus, embark on an adventure of a life time, together with Ben, Helena, and their friends, in the Christian underground. Their mission: to keep the stories of Jesus alive.

This is their story. They are the Story Keepers of the Bible.

Sink or Swim

A secret search for Justin's father on a Roman slave ship leads to high sea adventure for Ben, Helena, and the children. Trapped aboard the galley when it leaves port, they find themselves headed for battle against a rebel slave ship. It's a true lesson in self-sacrifice when a clash with the rebels threatens to send them down with the ship.

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