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Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts (DVD)

Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts (DVD)

by Africa Publishing Company Book Store
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"No one has ever taught the Ten Commandments like this before! Children will want to watch these engaging animated stories over and over again, and as they do, God's life-giving laws will take root in their hearts and minds." Josh McDowell

The voices of Peter Strauss (Masada), Paul Winfield (Touched By An Angel), Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid), and special guest stars Tim Curry (Wild Thornberrys), Rene Auberjonois (Little Nemo), Lou Diamond Phillips (The King And I), John Schneider (Smallville), and Tom Bosley (Happy Days) bring to life the Kid's Ten Commandments animated mini-movie series.

State of the art animation, original music, and great stories make this fun-loving series entertaining and educational. Kids learn biblical values as they discover the truth about God's love for every person.

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