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Only the Brave Triumph

by Miguel Ángel Núnez
Only the Brave Triumph


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Only the Brave Triumph

Miguel Ángel Núnez

People want to succeed - there is nothing wrong with that. The problem today is that too often, the end justifies any means. However, history shows that real success is achieved not by taking shortcuts, but through determination, perseverance and courage.

There is a need for the younger generation to know that only the brave triumph - those who dare to say no to corruption, to mediocrity, to laziness and lies, and an emphatic no to the self-indulgent culture that so many young people admire.

The author introduces us to insights he has gleaned from the lives of ten heroes and heroines of our time. These brave people include leaders of integrity and resolve, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Aung San Suu Kyi; and successful athletes Wilma Rudolph and Natalie du Toit, who overcame the challenges of illness and disability through sheer determination and courage. This book is a must-read for youth, parents, and educators.

About the author

Miguel Ángel Núnez has presented seminars about sexuality, dating and marriage for more than 15 years in over 20 different countries. He and his wife, Mery, have two children, Alexis and Mery Alin. Dr. Núñez enjoys reading, writing, listening to music and collecting sea shells. 

Format : Paperback

Size: 140mm x 200mm

ISBN: 978-09869-799-3-4

Pages: 92

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