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I Live for Jesus

by Alejandro Bullón
I Live for Jesus


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I live for Jesus

Alejandro Bullón 

Do you sometimes feel like the Christian life is just a long list of do's and don'ts?

As a faithful church-goer, are you trying with all your might to be good, only to end up failing to keep your promises time after time? 

Alejandro Bullón simply and profoundly presents episodes from the lives of various biblical characters to draw out lessons that can be applied to our modern Christian walk. We are inspired by Joseph's devotion to the God he loved, David's determination to prove to the world that 'there is a God in Israel', and Samuel's eagerness to hear God's voice. We are warned against the rebellious self-sufficiency of Cain and Esau's disdain for the things of God. And we are encouraged by God's providence in the life of Moses, His tender concern for the banished Ishmael, and His patience and forgiveness towards a deceitful Jacob.

These and many other wonderful insights will help you to finally learn what the abundant Christian life is all about, a discovery which will inspire you to declare, 'I live for Jesus'.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9869799-0-3

Size: 210mm x 140mm

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