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A Wife After God's Own Heart

A Wife After God's Own Heart

by Elizabeth George
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A Wife After God's Own Heart: 12 Things That Really Matter in Your Marriage

Elizabeth George

A Wife After God's Own Heart reveals how you can have what every married woman desires—a wonderful marriage filled with mutual love, friendship, romance, and joy. No matter what the state or season of your marriage, this book is for you. Join bestselling author Elizabeth George as she shares the keys to having a great marriage, including:

  • communicating with your husband more effectively
  • understanding how to best support your man
  • having more fun as a couple
  • enhancing or rekindling marital intimacy
  • honouring God together in your relationship

When it comes to making a marriage the best it can be, you'll find this book a practical help—including the many "Little Things That Make a Big Difference" in every chapter! Start now on the path to a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. Includes study guide.


ISBN: 978-0-7369-1167-2

Pages: 224

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Size: 215mm x 140mm

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