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111 Tips for Healthy Living

by Donovan Dasappa
111 Tips for Healthy Living


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111 Tips for Healthy Living

Do you want to wake up each morning, bursting with vitality and raring to go? Are you looking for practical and effective ways to look after your health?

Focusing on the day-to-day challenges ordinary people face, this book offers insight into what your body needs and provides the inspiration for making healthy choices. Written by a trained health professional who is passionate about helping people take charge of their health, it offers a wealth of practical advice such as:

  • The importance of protein for breakfast
  • Preparation tips for vegetables
  • How to give your heart a holiday
  • Why you should avoid fizzy drinks
  • The benefits of water for memory and concentration
  • How to avoid the common cold
  • Remedies for snoring
  • The benefits of a social support network
  • How to form good habits

About the Author

Donovan Dasappa holds a Masters Degree in Homeopathy and a Clinician's Certificate in Diabetic Management. His years of experience as Director of the Vitalis Diabetic Clinic, as well as the success of his many health-related endeavours, provide a solid foundation for the knowledge shared in this book. He and his wife, Devi, have been married for three years and enjoy walking on the beach, watching movies, and meeting new people.

Author: Donovan Dasappa

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-920579-36-4

Size: 210mm x 140 mm

Pages: 128

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