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Hope Underground

by Carlos Parra Diaz
Hope Underground


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Hope Underground: The 34 Chilean Miners – A Story of Faith and Miracles

Carlos Parra Diaz

"God has never left us down here."

Thirty-three miners—trapped beneath the Chilean desert. Their situation, at first, seemed hopeless. Yet instead of abandoning hope, the miners, their families, communities of faith, the Chilean government and rescue workers united in an effort to achieve the impossible.

What drove these people to defy failure and persevere against all odds? How did a small, white butterfly, a wayward probe, and a “34th miner” all play a significant role in the unfolding of this incredible story? While most reports of this stirring drama focus on what human effort can achieve, Hope Underground reveals the spiritual nature of the miners' experience, highlighting amazing details of how God's providence turned a potential tragedy into the most successful mining rescue of all time.

About the Author

Carlos Parra Diaz was serving as an ordinary pastor in northern Chile when, on August 5, 2010, the San José Mine collapse occurred. Eager to serve wherever there is a need, Parra suddenly found himself becoming one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the most publicised and successful mine rescue in history. His active participation at Camp Hope, the temporary residence of the miners' families and rescuers, allows him to share unique insights into the miraculous chain of events which led to the triumphant liberation of the miners. This experience not only changed his life forever, but deeply touched the whole nation of Chile. Parra has since been invited to share this inspiring story in countries around the world. Today, Pastor Parra and his family live in Asunción, Paraguay, where he serves as a regional pastor and missionary.

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Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9869799-5-8

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