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There Is Dynamite In Literature

There Is Dynamite In Literature

by George Verwer
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There Is Dynamite In Literature

Having been saved through the ministry of literature, George Verwer often felt guilty for challenging people to distribute literature without telling them how to do it. There is Dynamite in Literature fills the gap. Outlining the power, need, purpose and presentation of literature evangelism, this practical updated edition will project you forward as an effective distributor and evangelist well into the 21st century. 

About the AUTHOR

GEORGE VERWER is the founder and International Director of OPERATION MOBILISATION. He has an international preaching ministry around the globe. Previous books include Out of the Comfort Zone, No Turning Back, Hunger for Reality and Revolution of Love.

Specifications :

Size :175mm x 110mm

Publisher: Authentic Books

Pages: 126

ISBN: 978-81-7362-146-8

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