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Distributors' Bundle

Buy Africa Publishing Company books at a special distributors' discount to resell in your bookstore, store, or online store.

The following books are included in this bundle at a special discount of 30%

  • 101 Tips for Becoming a Successful Student (x5)
  • 111 Tips for Engaged and Newly-wed Couples (x5)
  • 111 Tips for Healthy Living (x5)
  • 111 Tips for Managing Your Money (x5)
  • 111 Tips for Raising Godly Kids (x5)
  • Beyond Temptation: Lessons from the life of Joseph (x5)
  • Hope Underground (x5)
  • I Live for Jesus (x5)
  • Parenting for Heaven (x5)
  • The Bible on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (x5)
  • The Power of Forgiveness (x5)
  • 101 Questions and Answers about Relationships (x5)
  • Freedom from Fear (x5)
  • Growing Healthy Families (x5)
  • Let’s Talk: Dating & Sex (x5)
  • More Than Rich (x5)
  • Recharge Your Marriage (x5)
  • Only the Brave Triumph (x5)
  • Understanding Difficult Bible Verses (x5)

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